etrian odyssey iv: two dragons down, fuck the ice dragon right in the ass. still trying not to cry every time i go into the sixth dungeon. still wildly experimenting with landsknechts. still haven’t found a proper party chemistry for the sixth dungeon.

etrian odyssey untold: endless resting, though i think i’m nearing the fifth stratum, so once i make roast chicken out of this fucking bird i should be ok. until the next boss battle.

etrian odyssey iii: i decided it was a good idea to have two parties. i cry every time i pick up this game. i’m so glad this wasn’t my first eo because the learning curve is a little more intense.

also, why am i playing three etrian odyssey games at once, do i really hate myself that much

skyrim: why save the world from dragons when i can run around doing random errands instead?

drakengard 3: finally unlocked d route. still emotionally exhausted after killing the wife. gearing my finger joints for the final boss.

ni no kuni: i made a bunch of mom jokes and i feel terrible

monster hunter 3u: but dad i don’t WANT to fight the lagiacrus

tomodachi life day 2

yukako and koichi are dating. if i can’t have all my jojo ships then i’ll at least get my het ships married

on that note, erina is really good friends with dio and hasn’t even talked to jonathan yet (sweating very hard)

the wrong imouto wanted to confess to diego but he’s marrying arte. sorry sis

tomodachi life day 1

dio confessed to my mii but she rejected him bc apparently she doesn’t share my impeccable taste in men (LAUGH TRACK)(the joke is dio is horrible)

i dropped my sister in there and she’s already spending a lot of time with reggie fils aime so they should get married i think

jonathan wanted to become friends with dio so against my better judgment i let him. this is going to end horribly

the url is off the table! i really don’t have the patience to deal with people like the ones that have been sending me offers recently, so i’m going to use this as a sideblog for now. thank you to everyone who displayed interest in the trade!